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Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, Chairman of Amata Foundation, has planned to have a long caravan journey annually since 2011 onwards. The objective of this trip is to spend the rest of his life to explore and discover the superlative things along the roadside such as the most beautiful natural landscapes and places, the oddest local cultures, the most delicious local food in each province and the most famous or talented people in each area. The first caravan consists of 15 crews, 3 buses and 2 pick-up trucks travelled in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and the southern part of China in March to June 2011 for 77 days.

The caravan destination in 2012 is Mongolia. Mr.Vikrom Kromadit’s caravan travelled a round trip from Bangkok to Mongolia from March 17 to September 29, 2012. They spent 6 months and 13 days in 6 countries which are Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Laos and Myanmar respectively. Because of the expertise of Mr. Vikrom Kromadit in Chinese language and successful businesses, he was officially supported by the government sectors which are Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Board of Investment of Thailand, Department of Export Promotion to arrange the seminar on Thai Economics and Investment Opportunity in many cities he has passed.

Moreover, in collaboration with Panorama Worldwide Company Ltd., Thailand and Re:Source Media Inc., Canada, there are two television documentary production along the journey, “Mong Lok Baeb Vikrom (Vikrom’s Vision)” broadcasting on Thai free television Channel 3 from Monday to Friday at 05:50 a.m. and “Asia Rising” and “Driven” which represents and English-language TV Series and Feature-Length Documentary.