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The Amata Foundation

The Amata Foundation

The Amata Foundation was established in 1996 by Mr. Vikrom Kromadit, the Founder and Chairman of Amata Foundation and has been operated with the personal funds of the Chairman and the Kromadit family without seeking funds from external sources.   It began with an endowment of 200,000 Baht of his personal funds and land from the Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi Province.

The philosophy of the Foundation is “Contributing to Society and the World” and its operating slogan is “Giving Without Expecting a Return.” The Foundation’s major programs have been conducted according to these ideals for many years by creating an educational foundation for the next generation of the country, to encourage art and culture, preservation and management of natural resources, and other activities.

422810_291592764242184_115578371843625_669658_325999215_nChairman’s Background and Philosophy

Mr. Vikrom Kromadit is the son of a sugarcane farmer whose mother was a merchant in a small marketplace of Tha Rue District, Kanchanaburi Province. When he was young, he had a strong determination that one day he would be the owner of abundant and vast fields with good colleagues, enjoying a peaceful life.

After elementary school, he went to Taiwan to study in a high school. After finishing high school, he furthered his studies in the Faculty of Engineering in Taiwan National University.  There, he became acquainted with Chinese customs and culture, and shaped his thoughts on the development of agriculture and industry, which he adapted from Japan.

After that, he returned to Thailand and started his business in international trading with foreigners.  His objective was to secure foreign investment and his business succeeded. In 1989, he founded his first “Industrial Estate”, in the expectation that he would make his dream become real. This was the beginning of his business concept of “The Perfect City.” At present,  he is managing three eco-friendly industrial estates in Thailand and Vietnam, Amata Nakorn, Amata City and Amata City Bien Hoa.  The total project area of three industrial estates is approximately 100 square kilometers, and there are almost 850 companies from 30 countries generating 30 Billion US Dollar worth of products.  In 2007, Forbes Magazine ranked him as 27th of the 40 richest men in Thailand and the next year named him one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in Asia.

The Amata Foundation believes that interest, thought, and imagination are reflections of people’s genuine individuality. In addition to the establishment of the Amata Foundation, Mr. Vikrom Kromadit is interested in many subjects such as natural and environmental issues, education for youth, and various branches of art and culture; these experiences have inspired him to frame his ideas for the Foundation. He foresees that they must be preserved, studied, and promoted by the Foundation to be beneficial to society worldwide.

The Chairman’s philosophy behind the creation of the Amata Foundation was to return to society the profit he received from doing business; implementing this concept has provided countless benefits in his personal life, thinking, and fortune. He feels an obligation to repay the motherland in which he lives. Furthermore, there is truth in Amata’s philosophy that “we are from nothing, thus we will return to nothing” at the end of our lives.  This motivates the Chairman to endeavor to make something useful for the world.

Apart from his industrial estate business, Mr.Vikrom is currently the Chairman of Amata Foundation. Now he spends most of the time working with Amata Foundation on three main objectives:

The first one is to educate people by writing many books, based on his life and working experience. More than 1.6 million copies of his books have been published. “Be A Better Man”, the best seller, is now translated to Chinese, Japanese, English and Vietnamese. Moreover, “Be A Better Man” also was produced in Thai TV drama named “Fire Amata” or “Amata’s Fire” and was released on Free TV Channel 9 between April and July 2010. He would like the masses of Thai people to realize, learn and think about the social development for Thailand’s better future.

The second objective is to preserve and promote the regional cultures, especially arts and writings by arranging the Amata Art Award and the Amata Writer Award annually.

The last one is to improve Thailand’s society and environment by motivating and encouraging people to do something good for their hometowns. He is a columnist for Bangkok Biz and Post Today newspapers and for several magazines. Moreover, in 2004 he became a radio broadcaster and, in 2005, began appearing on television on many programs.


Present Activities

1. “Be a better man” Book Project

The 300,000 “Be a Better Man” books are distributed to school and university students as well as prison inmates nationwide. This book features certain parts of the Foundation Chairman’s autobiography which emphasize the essence of goals in life. The readers can adopt the ideas presented and use them as a tool in life, especially when facing problems as everyone may make a mistake at any time. The “Be a Better Man” book series has been distributed since 2004 and more than 2 million copies have been published to date. There are many other books such as Vikrom’s Vision ,World CEOs, Living in Vikrom’s style, etc. published by the Foundation.

2. Amata Art Award Project

 ‘Amata Art Award’ has been set up by Mr.Vikrom Kromadit, Chairman of Amata Foundation in order to support and encourage all Thai artists especially in painting and sculpture arts. The 10-year budget has been provided for an annual “Amata Art Award” contest since 2004 and the award winner will receive 1,000,000 Baht cash and a gold medal each year.

3. Amata Writer Award  Project

‘Amata Writer Award’ is a prestigious prize which has been set up by Mr. Prapassorn Sevikul, President of The Writers’ Association of Thailand (2001-2005).  The purpose of this award is to recognize the great talented Thai writers and encourage other Thai writers to create good work to Thai society and also worldwide. The 10-year budget has been provided for an “Amata Writer Award” contest since 2004 and the award winner will receive 1,000,000 Baht cash and a gold medal each year.

4. Amata Castle – Art Exhibition and cultural center

The Amata Foundation wishes to broaden the concept of Thai cultural preservation by establishing Amata Castle in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate, Chonburi Province. Our Foundation’s Chairman is pleased to allow the Foundation to occupy most of the space within the sandstone building to be constructed as a place to display the work of artists of all fields of expertise. This Museum, at the very least, should allow all Thais to be proud of the intellect and skills of our people and of the fact that our art is on par with the developed countries.

The Amata Foundation’s goals are to enlarge and maintain art and culture of the races in Suwannabhumi (Southeast Asia). These will include the opening of Amata Museum in Amata Castle, located at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi Province. The Foundation will use space in the sandstone building to exhibit all kinds of works of art so that the Amata Museum will be the center of artistic study in this region.

In addition, the Foundation will hold various kinds of activities such as lectures, publications, music and stage performances, and art and photo exhibitions. These activities will make Thais and people in neighboring countries feel proud of Asian art and culture, which is thriving as in other civilized countries.