Alcohol Consumption Around the World

Asian drinkers have a very different flavor profile than their Western counterparts. So these handy graphics do a geat job of showing just how unique Asian drinkers are.


Not surprisingly wine is the most popular beverage of choice in Europe by far. In Italy, 65.6% of the alcohol consumed is wine, in France it’s 56.4%, and in Portugal it’s 55.5%. It’s also a popular drink in Uruguay (59.9%) and Argentina (48%). While many Asians love fine wine the concept of drinking it daily, like in Europe, really hasn’t caught on.



Now beer is a whole other story. Some Asian countries LOVE beer. Surprisingly, beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Yemen and Bhutan, where it’s the only type of alcohol consumed. It’s also the most popular drink in Vietnam (97.3%), Namibia (96.7%), Indonesia (84.5%), Myanmar (82.6%), and Mexico (75.7%).



And of course spirits are popular across much of Asia including China where they’re still the most preferred type of alcoholic drink.  Gambei!


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