Asia And The World Happiness Report 2024

The World Happiness Report 2024 which was debuted late last month, sheds light on the intricacies of joy in different age groups and nations. Looking at the results with a focus on Asia, this year’s findings offer nuanced insights into why certain countries in the region emerge as beacons of happiness, while others lag behind.

“At the broad country level, Finland continues to lead the global happiness rankings,” notes Prof. John F. Helliwell, Emeritus Professor of Economics at the Vancouver School of Economics. However, the report underscores notable shifts elsewhere in Asia, highlighting countries like Serbia and Bulgaria, which have witnessed remarkable increases in life evaluation scores since 2013.

The landscape of happiness in Asia, much like the rest of the world, is dynamic. Notably, the report reveals the rise of countries like Japan and Singapore, which are steadily climbing the happiness ranks. On the flip side, Afghanistan serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by nations grappling with socio-political instability.

Delving deeper into Asia’s happiness narrative, the report introduces separate rankings by age group, unraveling intriguing contrasts. While countries like Japan and South Korea emerge as paragons of joy for the older demographic, youthful populations in nations like Bhutan and Thailand report higher levels of life satisfaction.

Behind these rankings lie a myriad of factors, ranging from GDP and life expectancy to perceptions of freedom and corruption. Yet, beyond the numbers lies a tale of diverging priorities and expectations between consumers and membership-based organizations in Asia.

“The broad country coverage and annual surveys of the Gallup World Poll provide an unmatched source of data about the quality of lives all over the globe,” observes Jon Clifton, CEO of Gallup. With insights from leading experts and a focus on Asia’s unique cultural landscape, the report serves as a compass guiding evidence-based policymaking and fostering a happier future for the region.

World’s 20 happiest countries in 2024

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Sweden

5. Israel

6. Netherlands

7. Norway

8. Luxembourg

9. Switzerland

10. Australia

11. New Zealand

12. Costa Rica

13. Kuwait

14. Austria

15. Canada

16. Belgium

17. Ireland

18. Czechia

19. Lithuania

20. United Kingdom