Asia is where the billionaires are at

If you want to be a billionaire you should consider moving to Asia. Six out of the top 10 billionaire cities in the world are in Asia according to the Wealth-X Billionaire Census and the number sin Asia are growing faster than anywhere else.

Don’t get us wrong, there are other great places to live if you’re a billionaire. In fact New York is the undisputed billionaire capita. New York has 103 billionaires but Hong Kong is closing in fast with 93 billionaires. And while New York’s billionaire population is static, Hong Kong added 21 new billionaires last year alone.

Hong Kong’s growth was “driven by strong domestic economic performance, the upturn in global financial markets and trade and investment with China.” And it seems as if these conditions aren’t going to change anytime soon.

The report also highlighted a few surprising trends among billionaires.
  • Billionaire wealth grew at a much faster pace than population size across all regions
  • While the US remained the dominant force for this increase, six of the top ten countries recorded faster growth than the US in their respective billionaire populations
  • The number of female billionaires rose by 18%, outpacing the growth of the male billionaire population
  • A growing trend for billionaires to give more, with significant portions of the population focusing at least part of their philanthropic activity on education, health and social causes, as well as art and cultural organizations

Here are the top 10 billionaires cities list:

1. New York, 103 billionaires

2. Hong Kong, 93 billionaires

3. San Francisco, 74 billionaires

4. Moscow, 69 billionaires

5. London, 62 billionaires

6. Beijing, 57 billionaires

7. Singapore, 44 billionaires

8. Dubai, 40 billionaires

9. Mumbai, 39 billionaires (tie)

9. Shenzen, 39 billionaires (tie)