Bangkok’s Growing Trend of Pairing Wine With Street Eats

Bangkok has been known for its epic street food for decades. Now there is a growing trend of pairing wine with street eats. A newfound Thai love of wine, a large expat community and millions of curious tourists have created a strong wine culture in the City of Angels and this extends from both Michelin-starred restaurants to food stalls. So we headed to Soi Convent’s famous food market to learn how to pair Thai street food with wine.

Bangkok-based Sommelier and Restaurateur Andreas Pergher explains, “It’s about finding wine with the right balance of low alcohol, high acidity and some residual sugar to match the food’s salty, spicy and sugar or savory notes.”

Once you go through these few tips you will see very clearly why there’s a growing trend of pairing wine with street eats. It just works. Bringing your own bottle to one of Bangkok’s 500,000 food stalls is a great way to elevate your street food experience.