Beer Culture Thrives in China

The seaside city of Qingdao is the epicentre of China’s emerging beer culture. The love of beer is growing across China which shouldn’t come as a surprise as China’s beer culture actually goes back 9,000 years. 

Recently the 28th Qingdao International Beer Festival featured more than 200 beer brands from over 30 countries and regions. Beer enthusiasts enjoyed the refreshing taste of more than 1,300 types of the alcoholic drink at the month-long gala.

The first beer festival was held in Qingdao in 1991, and most of the vendors and sponsors were domestic brands. Now the festival has grown into one of the biggest in Asia, with this year’s venue occupying more than 800,000 square meters.

Qingdao has a long history with beer.
The city is home to Tsingtao, the well known eponymously named beer. Tsingtao is China’s second largest brewery with about a 15% market share. It was founded in 1903 by German settlers.

Qingdao will collaborate with cities across the Asia-Pacific region to expand cooperation in various fields such as finance, transportation, and tourism in a move to increase its international influence and quality of urban development,” Mayor Meng said while outlining a blueprint for the city’s future.

Qingdao locals consider the beer made here as Qingdao’s best ambassador. Sitting at a table with strangers from across the globe, a toast can easily bridge the gap and bring them closer.

Qingdao is a culturally inclusive city. Everyone can find a sense of belonging here,” said Gulalek Saparova, a Turkmenistan student enjoying a beer at the Russian beer tent.