Digital Deep Dive

Just about everyone in business, politics, culture and in other sectors such as not-for-profits and academia gets how pervasive and persuasive digital connectivity is around Asia and the world. But how many really understand the staggering numbers behind planet earth’s online numbers? That’s why we thought we’d take a digital deep dive into what’s happening online, on social media and across mobile platforms.

Growth is still the number one story
It’s easy in the west and wealthier parts of Asia to think of the internet and social media platforms as being mature. But for many the ability to surf, talk, buy and learn online is new.

Out of the over 7.5 billion people on earth around 53% or 4 billion are actually online. This represents a 7% annual growth rate compared with 2017. The number of social media users is growing at 13% while mobile phone adoption has slowed to around 4% . Monthly chat platform users grew at 14% last showing there’s still lots of room in that market.

Across Asia the story remains growing mobile connectivity. In many poorer regions mobile phones have changed the lives of otherwise disadvantaged citizens. We see mobile adoption rates in Southeast Asia are actually higher than developed areas such as North America and Europe as mobile phones replace the need for landlines.

With increased connectivity also comes increased social activity. And again we see Asia helping to lead that trend.Eastern Asia dominated by China, Japan and South Korea have penetration rates which rival that of North Europe, while Southeast Asia’s growth means they’re catching up fast. Digital is hot in Asia.

The lessons from all of this data is that digital is changing the way the world lives, works and plays and the revolution that started in the late 1990’s in the west is still evolving and playing out around the world.