Infrastructure Matters

The sun rises in the East and sets in West. This seems like a fitting analogy for our changing world except that this assumes Asia’s fortunes come at the expense of Europe and North America, and that’s incorrect. Asia can be a competitor but it can also be a customer; Asia may challenge the West but it will also create endless opportunities. Asia will change your life in ways you never dreamed possible. In fact it is happening right now.

Demographics, Economics, and the sheer weight of billions of people working and wanting more is reshaping the continent. And it all comes down to infrastructure.

The United States and Europe were defined by the Industrial Revolution and now Asia is going through the Inspirational Revolution and the results are profound.

A new pipeline here, a massive rail link there, thousands of new airplanes means dozens of new airport projects, while growing residential communities require updated roads and sewers, mass transit and retail developments. These are all part of the epic growth story of Asia. In the years ahead trillions of dollars will remake a continent, change billions of people’s lives and alter the course of our world. All because of infrastructure.

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