Five Exciting Places In Asia For Expats

Want to retire overseas and make a difference in the world? Maybe you’re looking for a change of scenery, or maybe you want to tie your career to an exciting new industry. Whatever your reason may be, one thing is clear: Asia offers many opportunities for expats. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best destinations in Asia for foreign retirees and those seeking a change of pace.


Taiwan is an island in East Asia that is home to about 23 million people. It has a lot of things going for it, including a vibrant culture and great opportunities for personal growth and development.

Taiwan also offers a decent work-life balance, especially if you’re working as a freelancer or entrepreneur. The country has relatively few restrictions on foreign workers’ visas—for example, you can apply for permanent residency after just five years of working there—and Taiwan’s labor laws are less restrictive than those of other Asian countries like Japan or Singapore.

Many long time readers like Taiwan as well:

  • “I moved to Taipei for a new job and fell in love with everything about the city—the people, food, history, culture… It’s really hard not to be happy when you live here!” -Jane from California
  • “Taiwan has been great so far! I’m really enjoying exploring all that this country has to offer. I’ve been learning Mandarin Chinese as well which has given me an even deeper appreciation for everything around me.” -James from New York City


Thailand is a great place to live and work as an expat. The country has a low cost of living, high quality of life, and is one of the safest countries in Asia. Thailand has many things going for it that make it a popular destination for expats:

  • Thailand’s capital city Bangkok may be the best place on earth once you get past the traffic jams, pollution and noise. It’s packed with museums, temples, markets and restaurants offering every cuisine you could imagine—and more than enough shopping opportunities to keep any shopper happy!
  • Other cities such as Chiang Mai are also popular spots among expats looking for somewhere quieter but still close enough to explore some of Thailand’s most famous tourist attractions like Chiang Rai or Ko Samui. The hill tribe villages near Chiang Mai are especially worth visiting if you want some respite from urban life; head up into the mountains where there are lush forests filled with waterfalls and streams (plus maybe even some elephants).

South Korea

South Korea is a country with a strong economy and one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. It’s also home to some of the best food in Asia, as well as a great education system for children. However, there are some downsides to living in this country: it’s expensive to live here, especially if you want to buy property or own a car—especially since owning these things doesn’t come cheap!


Cambodia is actually a fantastic country to live in. The cost of living is low, the food is delicious and the people are friendly. It’s rich in culture and it’s safe too! Plus there’s plenty to see and do: Cambodia has a lot to offer for expats who want to immerse themselves in Southeast Asian culture.

If you’re looking for a place where your money will go further than most other countries in Asia, then Cambodia should certainly be on your list as one of the best places to live as an expat!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place for expats to live and work. There are so many reasons why Hong Kong is a great place for expats to live and work, but here are just a few of them:

  • You can start your own business in Hong Kong.
  • You can eat delicious food in Hong Kong.
  • You can travel easily from one part of the city to another because it’s so small.

It also typically has a very cosmopolitan scene, lots of international economic activity and is a hub for many other expats. That’s changed recently but hopefully will return.