Forbes Global 2000 Offers Some Surprises

18 months after the COVID-19 pandemic began changing the planet, Forbes unveiled their most recent Global 2000 list of the world’s biggest companies. 2020 and early 2021 has changed the fortunes of some companies.

A look at the top 25 companies reflects the strange nature of the world’s economy. While many industries have been crushed, global stock markets are up about 48% and while sales and profits may be down for the Forbes Global 2000 companies, total assets and market value are up.

It’s interesting to note in the top 10 list, five companies are from the United States, four from China and one from Saudi Arabia.

RankNameCountrySalesProfitAssetsMarket Value
1ICBCChina$190.5 B$45.8 B$4,914.7 B$249.5 B
2JPMorgan ChaseUnited States$136.2 B$40.4 B$3,689.3 B$464.8 B
3Berkshire HathawayUnited States$245.5 B$42.5 B$873.7 B$624.4 B
4China Construction BankChina$173.5 B$39.3 B$4,301.7 B$210.4 B
5Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)Saudi Arabia$229.7 B$49.3 B$510.3 B$1,897.2 B
6AppleUnited States$294 B$63.9 B$354.1 B$2,252.3 B
6Bank of AmericaUnited States$98.8 B$17.9 B$2,832.2 B$336.3 B
6Ping An Insurance GroupChina$169.1 B$20.8 B$1,453.8 B$211.2 B
9Agricultural Bank of ChinaChina$153.9 B$31.3 B$4,159.9 B$140.1 B
10AmazonUnited States$386.1 B$21.3 B$321.2 B$1,711.8 B
11Samsung ElectronicsSouth Korea$200.7 B$22.1 B$348.2 B$510.5 B
12Toyota MotorJapan$249.4 B$14.3 B$561.9 B$219.2 B
13AlphabetUnited States$182.4 B$40.3 B$319.6 B$1,538.9 B
14Bank of ChinaChina$134 B$27.9 B$3,731.4 B$116.7 B
15MicrosoftUnited States$153.3 B$51.3 B$304.1 B$1,966.6 B
16CitigroupUnited States$84.4 B$17.1 B$2,314.3 B$151.2 B
17Volkswagen GroupGermany$254.1 B$9.5 B$646.4 B$147.2 B
18WalmartUnited States$559.2 B$13.5 B$252.5 B$396.1 B
19Wells FargoUnited States$85.9 B$7.4 B$1,959.5 B$181.5 B
20Verizon CommunicationsUnited States$128.3 B$17.8 B$316.5 B$241.3 B
21UnitedHealth GroupUnited States$262.9 B$16.9 B$205.2 B$369.6 B
22China Merchants BankChina$60.4 B$14.1 B$1,278.5 B$192.8 B
23Alibaba GroupChina$93.8 B$23.3 B$250.1 B$657.5 B
24AllianzGermany$129.9 B$7.8 B$1,357.5 B$108 B
25ComcastUnited States$103.6 B$10.5 B$273.9 B$252.4 B