High Growth Economies

When we think of high growth economies we usually think of Asian countries. There’s no doubt the economic transformation across the region has been nothing short of miraculous. But Asia can’t rest on its laurels, it doesn’t have the only high growth economies in the world.

The fastest growing economies may surprise you. In fact over the last five years the world’s fastest growing economy was Ireland and Spain beat South Korea. The lesson here for Asian leaders is that to maintain their global edge they will have to work extra hard in the years ahead to continue to have one of the fastest growing economies. Competition is fierce.

Fastest Growing Economies Since 2014

Ireland: 69%

Ethiopia: 65%

India: 55%

Bangladesh: 54%

China: 49%

Indonesia: 38%

Malaysia: 37%

Egypt: 36%

Pakistan: 34%

Poland: 32%

Turkey: 27%

Israel: 27%

Singapore: 25%

Spain: 24%

South Korea: 24%

UAE: 23%

Sweden: 22%

Australia: 22%

Qatar: 22%

US: 21%

Netherlands: 21%

Saudi Arabia: 18%

UK: 17%

Canada: 17%

Germany: 17%

France: 16%

Nigeria: 14%

Greece: 14%

Japan: 14%

South Africa: 13%

Italy: 13%

Russia: 12%

Iran: 12%

Brazil: 5%