Indonesian Rapper Finds Legitimacy in the USA

You might not know 18 year old Brian Imanuel but you may just be familiar with his rapper name Rich Brian. Rich Brain is breaking down barriers and setting records as this Chinese-Indonesian teen from Jakarta makes waves in the lucrative and hotly competitive US rap industry.

Rich Brian’s life is an unlikely tale of a home schooled teen who rose from popularity as a YouTube personality to become a singer and record producer with a lot of commercial success.

Brian Rich proves that dreams can come true. He is the first Asian Rapper to reach No. 1 on Apple’s iTunes hip-hop charts.

Rich Brian learned English from watching YouTube videos and began his own career in Social Media at the young age of 11. In 2012, he was introduced to hip-hop and realized he had learned his calling. His rise as a rapper has been impressive.

Rich Brian is best known for his viral debut single “Dat $tick“, which was released in February 2016. The single was certified gold by the RIAA. Then on February 2, 2018, he released his debut album Amen which peaked at number 18 on the Billboard 200 and reached No. 1 on Apple’s iTunes hip-hop charts, making him the first Asian artist to do so.

Rich Brian is a good inspiration to young kids across Southeast Asia and he’s a pretty good rapper as well.