Inflation Is Back

Thanks to a healthy vaccination rate the US economy has shown signs of growth recently. Employment is generally up, people are spending again and that means inflation is back.

In this case it looks like the US is leading Asia and if it has a bad bout with inflation its nascent economy is already experiencing challenges with inflation. This is a stark reminder for Asia as it looks to hopefully emerge from its current roubles in the third or fourth quarter of this year.

Recent Inflationary Items

Car rental 87.7% (y/y change)
Used cars 45.2%
Gas 45.1%
Laundry machines 29.4%
Airfare 24.6%
Moving 17.3%
Hotels 16.9%
Furniture 8.6%
Bacon 8.4%
TVs 7.6%
Fruit 7.3%
Shoes 6.5%
Fresh fish 6.4%
New cars 5.3%
Milk 5.6%
Rent (OER) 2.3%