It’s Time Everyone Takes Wearing A Face Mask Seriously

Wearing a mask in public has become the subject of heated debate in recent weeks. We think this is silly. Like so many things with COVID-19 the science may not be perfect, but the anecdotal evidence is pretty clear. You should always wear a mask when out in public, especially if you’re going to be inside. A lot of this debate has flowed between European and North American countries which haven’t traditionally worn masks and Asian ones, which have. The reality is, it’s time everyone takes wearing a mask seriously. If we’re going to get through this, we have to realize that the world is in this together.

But It’s Uncomfortable

That’s what a lot of people said when seatbelts became mandatory and yet, here we are 50+ years later with countless of lives saved and very few people still complaining about having to wear seatbelts. It’s become a habit, a safer way of life. The same could be said about having to drive at a certain speed limit, having a boating license, wearing a helmet on a motorcycle, you get the gist.

What Do Doctors Say?

The WHO and CDC have waffled a little on this, but both organizations now recommend the use of face masks. They see the clear advantages. As COVID-19 can be spread by asymptomatic people, potential spreaders can be passing along the virus without even knowing they are sick. So you could be you passing it on unwittingly to a person you come into contact with, or someone else could be giving it to you, and neither of you would know at the time. This is why everyone show wear a mask.

It’s Not Something I’m Used To

That’s probably true if you live in the west, whereas people in Asia tend to be more familiar face masks, as a result of pollution and virus spread in the past. And as a result, North America and Europe have had far less adoption rates than Asian countries have in response to the Pandemic. But there’s no denying countries with widespread face mask usage such as Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam have fared much better than countries like Italy, the UK and the US.

And You Can Adapt

Think of wearing a face mask being like learning to eat with chopsticks. Most westerners find them uncomfortable, awkward and maybe even embarrassing to use at first. But once you get the hang of them, you realize for noodles, rice dishes and many other meals they’re more efficient, easier and make the experience better. Could you imagine eating sushi with a fork?

We promise you, if you adapt the same commitment to learning to wear a face mask that you would invest in learning to use chopsticks, you’ll quickly feel the same way. Worn correctly they’re safer, smarter and tell the rest of the world that we’re all in this together. So all that being said, it’ time everyone takes wearing a mask seriously.