Kabuki Comes to Las Vegas

Japan’s Shochiku Co, Ltd. recently announced plans to present a Kabuki-inspired event entitled “Japan KABUKI Festival in Las Vegas 2015-2016” with the support of MGM Resorts International.

In August 2015, Shochiku will present a new performance inspired by Kabuki masterpiece Koi-Tsukami, “Fight with a Carp”, featuring Kabuki star Ichikawa Somegoro at Bellagio’s iconic Fountains. The dynamic shows of water and music at the Fountains of Bellagio are a very popular attraction and a symbol of Las Vegas. The festival will open with a spectacular performance combining the world-famous fountain shows with Koi-Tuskami, to introduce the traditional Japanese performing art as brand new, world-class entertainment. In addition, “Japan KABUKI Festival”, which will include a performance of Kabuki among other elements, will take place in May 2016. The events, the first to be held with support of MGM, will mark Shochiku’s first performance ever in Las Vegas.

“Shochiku is dedicated to preserving the tradition of Kabuki as well as introducing it to new audiences worldwide,” said Mr. Mitsuhito Hosoda, Senior Managing Director of Shochiku upon the announcement. “We are very excited about collaborating with MGM to present the brand new Kabuki-inspired shows in Las Vegas. This extraordinary city is the most successful tourist destination in the world and MGM is a global leader in entertainment. It is a tremendous opportunity for Shochiku, an entertainment company which has provided abundant and various content for 120 years, to work with MGM to present brand new Kabuki-inspired shows to the world.”

“As one of the largest entertainment companies in the world, we are very proud to cooperate with Shochiku, one of Japan’s cultural icons,” said Jim Murren, Chairman and CEO of MGM. “Shochiku is a globally recognized entertainment company specializing in producing and showcasing Kabuki and films globally. The company, which also operates Kabukiza Theatre, the principal theater for Kabuki, has passed on this over 400-year-old traditional art, while continuing to attract new audiences by incorporating modern elements. We constantly seek new ways to engage and entertain our guests and we are very thrilled about the opportunity to work with Shochiku in these events.”