A Model and a Fashion Designer Walk Into a Bar

Malaysian fashion doesn’t get as much respect as it deserves but a new ptoject by a famous Fashion Designer and well known Model just may change this.

Jointly designed by accomplished Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi and top celebrity model Amber Chia, the collection, titled Yuan: The Beauty of Serendipity, was inspired by the Chinese concept of yuan, described as “the “binding force” that links two people together in any relationship”.

“People tend to associate Chinese New Year with wealth, health, and prosperity. It’s easy to forget that good fortune also refers to the abundance of wonderful people in our lives; hence this collection celebrates the beauty of friends and relationships,” said Melinda.

It was also yuan that brought Melinda and Amber together. The duo, who are now considered fashion industry veterans, have known each other since the early stages of their respective careers in year of 2000.

MLxAC goes beyond typical Chinese New Year offerings while still adhering to cultural traditions with combinations of bright, auspicious colours and a variety of fabrics and textures to represent the many faces and personalities of people that touch our lives.

From traditional and elegant qipao, youthful dresses with an Oriental touch, and roomy A-lined blouses to modern structured vest and pants suitable for the office, MLxAC promises something for any personality or lifestyle requirement. There is also a range of Oriental inspired polos available for men and women — perfect for couples on the hunt for complementing Chinese New Year attire, or pragmatists who prefer not to sacrifice comfort for style.

Melinda and Amber designed the collection with the lifestyle of modern day ladies in mind. “Today’s women are looking for pieces that can be worn with existing items in their wardrobes. For example, I have a Chinese jacket that I wear all the time for events. Because it is so versatile, I don’t just limit myself to wearing that jacket for Chinese New Year. This is the concept we had in mind when designing the MLxAC collection,” said Amber.

Further evidence of the magical yuan and how it brings people together Zalora is the exclusive online partner for the MLxAC collection, which will be the first designer/celebrity Chinese New Year collection to be made available at the online retailer’s websites in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Brunei.

“We hope that everyone wearing our pieces will enjoy them as much as we loved designing the collection,” said Melinda and Amber.

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