Social Media Marketing – Chinese-Style

“@Hong Kong Airlines” is honored with “Top 10 Influential Weibo Corporations (HK).”

Sina Weibo Hong Kong lists the top 10 most influential Hong Kong corporations and media organizations along with the most popular keywords after making a comprehensive assessment on their performance on the Weibo platform with respect to activeness, communication power, and coverage throughout 2013. Listed institutions include shopping malls, government agencies, airlines, theme parks, and retailers, among which Hong Kong Airlines is ranked as the eighth “Top 10 Influential Weibo Corporations (HK).”

Mr. Li Dianchun, Commercial Director of Hong Kong Airlines says that it is with great honour that Hong Kong Airlines is recognized on Weibo. He adds, “The main trends in the future development of sales and marketing are social media and mobile Internet. Providing customers with more information and convenience by using social media will definitely contribute to building a good brand image. In the future, Hong Kong Airlines will keep endeavoring to invest in and promote through social media.”

As the most powerful online platform in China, Sina Weibo has 536 million users globally, among which 60.2 million are active users, each spending 60 minutes daily on it. The average number of total daily posts reaches as high as 130 million, showing an unquestionably strong communication power. There are more than 400,000 of verified corporate accounts on Sina Weibo, including many Hong Kong corporations and organizations.

To follow the rapid development in the social media age, Hong Kong Airlines opened its Sina Weibo account in 2011 and since then has built up a big group of 420,000 fans. Leveraging on its interactive and instant characteristics, Sina Weibo has become one of the Company’s key channels for sales and corporate promotions as well as an important platform for communications with its customers and the public.

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