Teaching for Global Competence

The Center for Global Education at Asia Society and EdPlus at Arizona State University (ASU) have launched an initial set of  six new professional development courses to help educators teach for global competence and meet the growing demand to address the skills gap around the world.

The courses, available online beginning today, make the Center for Global Education’s professional development accessible to any educator around the world for the first time and will help educators in primary and secondary schools, as well as out-of-school-time programs, integrate global competence education and project-based learning into their existing curriculum. The courses include specific tools tailored to classroom teachers and non-formal and community-based educators.

“These courses are based on professional development that our Center for Global Education has been providing to schools and programs across the United States for more than 15 years,” said Asia Society President and CEO  Josette Sheeran. “We are thrilled to partner with ASU, one of the most innovative universities in America.”

The one-hour courses are the first part of a series, “Teaching for Global Competence,” with more to launch throughout spring 2018. The courses may be taken individually, in any order and at any time. Course pricing starts at $29, and the first course in the series, “Introduction to Global Competence,” is available at no cost.