Thailand Gets SMART

Thailand has recently enacted a series of policy moves designed to advance the Thai economy in key innovative industries. This is part of the Thailand 4.0 initiative which is a 20 year national strategy designed to transform the Kingdom’s economy from one reliant on manufacturing existing products designed by others to one driven by innovation, research and development, creativity and the development of higher technologies and green industries. One of the ways Thailand hopes to encourage highly skilled professionals to work or invest in the Kingdom is by making doing business here easier.

One way to accomplish this is the SMART Visa program which has been designed to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness in drawing science and technology experts, senior executives, investors and startups.

Thailand has been making a series of efforts to drive its economy through innovation.

SMART Visas provide more benefits and privileges than any other type of visa issued by Thailand. SMART Visas relieve red tape and reduce hassles because they are valid for as long as four years as opposed to the usual one year; they eliminate the need for a work permit, and are also extended to spouses and children of those who qualify.

What is SMART Visa?

The SMART Visa is a new type of visa designed to attract highly skilled manpower and investors to help accelerate the development of the country’s targeted industries. SMART Visa is offered to foreign experts, executives, entrepreneurs and investors who wish to enter into the Kingdom of Thailand to work or to invest in the following “10 S-Curve” industries or the country’s targeted industries.

  1. Next-Generation Automotive
  2. Smart Electronics
  3. Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
  4. Agriculture and Biotechnology
  5. Food for the Future
  6. Automation and Robotics
  7. Aviation and Logistics
  8. Biofuels and Biochemicals
  9. Digital
  10. Medical Hub