The Best Countries To Do Business In

Business is mobile, talent moves across the globe, capital flows toward opportunity and companies make investment decisions based on a whole range of factors. That’s why it is important for governments to provide the most competitive business environment they can. Recently CEO Magazine compiled a list from readers of which the best countries to do business in.

Asian countries are reducing bureaucracy and opening up.
In the top 20 of the best countries to do business in, Asian countries like Malaysia which ranks the best, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Oman and Turkey all feature prominently.

The survey looked such factors a economic stability, government policies, the availability of skilled labour, the strength of institutions, education and research, market potential and trade opens to come up with a ranking for the best countries to do business in. The score in the right column reflects each country’s tally.

1 Malaysia 85.8
2 Poland 85.2
3 Philippines 84.6
4 Indonesia 84.4
5 Australia 84.1
6 Singapore 83.7
7 India 83.6
8 Czech Republic 82.6
9 Spain 81.9
10 Thailand 81.6
11 Oman 80.7
12 Uruguay 80.2
13 Ireland 79.4
14 Netherlands 79.3
15 Finland 78.7
16 United Kingdom 78.4
17 France 78.2
18 United States 78.1
19 Turkey 77
20 Brazil 76