Building a Denim Dynasty

In June 2017 Roo Hsing completed a $380 million USD merger with J.D. United to create the world’s largest denim manufacturer.  This was a bold move, but one which propelled the company to a global leadership role in a highly competitive industry. Last year they produced nearly 90 million units with revenue of $600 million USD.

Fashion like other industries sees consolidation as the way of the future. Size matters. Scope matters. Scale matters.

Roo Hsing’s model has been to focus on three main areas; creativity, consistency and sustainability. To realize their goals the company has invested heavily in technology and global relationships, water treatment and other localized initiatives, along with training and development programs for its 38,000 employees.

These investments have allowed the company to reduce it’s environmental footprint and increase its efficiencies. In one year, Roo Hsing has taken impressive steps on their way to building a denim dynasty.