The Expat’s Guide to Living Well

Living and working around the world is a rite of passage for a lot of people from the west. It combines travel, a sense of adventure and usually an opportunity to make good money and connections. But this like so many things in the world needs to be approached strategically. So we’ve put together the Expats Guide to Living Well which lays out the places where expats can expect to earn the most.

HSBC recently concluded a survey to find out how much better off expats were working abroad than at home.

Their data this year shows that almost two thirds of expats around the world have a higher income as a result of the move, putting an extra USD21,000 on average into their pockets annually.

It pays to work abroad
 In Switzerland, the top ranked territory for economics in 2018, that figure is more than USD61,000. On average expats in Switzerland earn USD203,000 a year – almost twice the global average.

For most (58%), the equivalent job they were doing before the move simply pays more in the new location, but half also say they pay less tax.

Here’s the list of the best countries to be an expat

If you follow our Expats Guide to Living Well you too can see the world and make bank at the same time.