The Global Cost of Living

Once again the crowd-sourced website Numbeo has published the global Cost of Living index for 2021. The index rates the cost to live around the world relative to New York. In their methodology living in New York is 100, so any city with a rating above 100 is more expensive to live in while any city with a rating under 100 is less expensive than New York.

Currently the site ranks 6,820,266 prices of items such as food, wine, rent, gas in 9,966 cities around the world, as entered by 567,788 contributors

Cost of Living Index by Country 2021

Top 25 Cost of Living Index
Jersey 155.59
Bermuda 145.07
Switzerland 131.75
Norway 106.09
Iceland 96.77
Denmark 91.67
Luxembourg 88.28
Japan 87.77
Israel 86.63
Bahamas 85.85
Singapore 85.59
Australia 84.14
Ireland 83.11
Barbados 81.49
South Korea 81.20
France 80.62
Hong Kong 79.94
Sweden 79.17
New Zealand 79.14
Seychelles 78.92
Netherlands 78.64
Belgium 78.52
Finland 77.46
Lebanon 75.88
Austria 75.49

The really helpful features on the site, is that you can compare prices for living between two cities. It also allows you to calculate for costs with rent and without rent, as well as compensating for local purchasing power parity. In other words, it also lets you see average incomes of people in both cities to get a better picture of how affordable and attainable lifestyles are.