The Joy Of Street Food

Every intrepid traveler know that food is a big part of the local experience and in many places the best way to sample local food is on the street. So we present this photo essay of street food around the world. It’s designed to whet your appetite and inspire your travel dreams.

Great street eats can frankly rival or best the nicest restaurants. In many cities street food is a form of art. We’re not talking the basic street meat which you’ll find in most western cities we’re talking real, indigenous local flavors. These are the types of places where locals eat AND smart travelers always seek them out.

Some people worry about hygiene and language barriers when ordering but our editorial team has been to over 100 countries and has enjoyed street food pretty much everywhere. We follow a few simple rules, use common sense and check the cleanliness of the stand, seek out places which are crowded and have lines, order a selection of what seems to be the most popular dishes with the highest turnover, stay away from uncooked items and then wash off all utensils, can tops, etc with bottled water before eating.

Come hungry and bring an open mind and enjoy because street food around the world will change your life.