The Time Wasted on Roads

The INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard is an analysis of congestion and mobility trends in more than 200 cities, across 38 countries. A new methodology for the 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard allows for cross-national rankings and analysis, delivering in-depth insights for drivers and policy-makers to make better decisions informed by big data. In essence this report shows the time wasted on roads.

The key here is that data is showing how much time we lose every year to traffic. While they don’t focus on Asian countries, we know from other data points that Jakarta, Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing and other Asian cities are huge chokepoints.

When ranking by Hours Lost in Congestion, eight of the Top 10 cities globally are European. The age of these cities is a primary factor. In the cases of Rome (1), Paris (4), London (5) and Milan (6), their oldest roads can be traced back to the Roman period and yet newer city layouts in Asia such as Beijing seem to still have similar issues. No matter how much the city spreads, the traffic seems to expand to fill in the available road surfaces.

traffic congestion by city

The time wasted on roads is immense. As cities in Asia become wealthier the lesson here is simple, we have to move away from a reliance on private transportation and towards more and faster public transportation options, otherwise our entire lives will be consumed in traffic.