The World’s Best Roads

Every year the World Economic Forum conducts an annual survey called The Global Competitiveness Report where they rate countries on their microeconomic and macroeconomic foundations of national competitiveness to determine the level of productivity of a country. One of the main elements is infrastructure and thus the rate the world’s best roads.

Asia’s infrastructure is varied from country to country. Asia fares pretty well in the rating of the world’s best roads with Singapore being ranked number 1, Hong Kong at 4 and Japan at 6. But other parts of the continent do quite poorly. In ASEAN Malaysia and Brunei rank in the top 50, but Thailand lags at 55 and Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam don’t even crack the top 100.

Being on the list of the world’s best roads is important for the economic well being of a country. In Asia there are still trillions of dollars of basic infrastructure needed.