Want to be a Billionaire? Go into High Tech!

The latest Forbes rankings show three of the world’s five richest people earned their fortunes in tech and 59 percent of the world’s tech billionaires got richer over the past year. For the 2017 list there are 183 billionaires from tech which is 23 more than a year ago. Together these tech powerhouses have a combined net worth of $1 trillion.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once again tops the list of wealthiest tech billionaires with a net worth of $86 billion. He’s followed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ($72.8 billion) and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ($56 billion).

Here’s the top 10 tech billionaires in the world

No 10 Michael Dell – Founder and CEO of Dell Inc (Net worth: $20.4 billion)

No 9 Ma Huateng – Chairman and CEO of of Tencent Holdings Ltd (Net worth: $24.9 billion)

No 8 Jack Ma – Chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (Net worth: $28.3 billion)

No 7 Steve Ballmer – Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and former CEO of Microsoft Corp(Net worth: $30 billion)

No 6 Sergey Brin – Co-founder of Google and Founder of Bayshore Global Management (Net worth: $39.8 billion)

No 5 Larry Page – Co-founder of Google Inc and chief executive officer of Alphabet Inc (Net worth: $40.7 billion)

No 4 Larry Ellison – Chairman of Oracle Corp (Net worth: $52.2 billion)

No 3 Mark Zuckerberg – Founder and CEO of Facebook Inc (Net worth: $56 billion)

No 2 Jeff Bezos – CEO of Amazon.com Inc and founder of Blue Origin LLC ( Net worth: $72.8 billion)

No 1 Bill Gates – Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ( Net worth: $86 billion)