What Are The Top Chinese Brands?

A recent event in Chengdu hosted by National Business Daily (NBD) and China Business Research Center under School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University (Tsinghua SEM) the Top Chinese brands in various categories were announced.

“Despite hardship, Chinese brands maintained vigorous growth this year with total brand value and threshold for candidate companies rising”, said Wen Da, chairman and editor-in-chief of NBD.

“Now is the perfect timing for brand building and companies should place it as a strategic priority,” noted Zhao Ping, director of China Business Research Center at Tsinghua SEM.

This year, the brand value of the top 100 list totals 12.55 trillion yuan (1.77 trillion U.S dollars), increasing 9.6 percent year over year. So what are the top Chinese brands?

Internet conglomerates Alibaba and Tencent remain the 1st and 2nd place on the Top 100 Chinese Listed Companies by Brand Value, which in 2019 became two of the first batch of “1 trillion yuan brand value club” members. China Mobile takes the third place with a brand value of 538 billion yuan.

The brand value of the Top 50 Chinese Upstart Companies by Brand Value this year totals 231.51 billion yuan.

The Top 50 Chinese Listed Companies by Brand Value Overseas sees changes in both total brand value and companies on the list. PC maker Lenovo crowns the list for the first time, with its overseas brand value topping 119.3 billion yuan, followed by Midea and Alibaba.