What’s Open?

There is a lot of confusion right now with what’s open and what’s not, along with where travellers can actually go. All this is made more confusing with airlines selling tickets for flights which they know customers have very little chance of being able to board. For travelers and businesses alike, this uncertainty is not healthy.

Enter WE R Open, a new site for businesses, chambers of commerce, destinations and Convention and Visitors Bureaus to provide the public with up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 policies and procedures. “The Ultimate Tourism Directory”, or weropen.com, is a client-controlled site that publishes practical information including updated business hours, mask-policies, state restrictions and local mandates.

While the site in its initial stage is more heavily populated with US content, the plan is to grow its size and scale globally.

“It is vital to the economy that the public has access to current policies and procedures affecting local business, travel and day-to-day necessities,” said weropen.com Founder and CEO, Edmondson. “The site is a global resource that gives clients the ability to control and provide current information.”

The new site allows a business the ability to update information instantly as local, state and federal mandates change with COVID-19, allowing customers the opportunity to be prepared to enter said place of business. The site also offers tools for clients including coupon codes for customers and weekly spotlights.

“Weropen.com is our platform to keep consumers and businesses abreast of the ever-changing travel climate. We are here to support hospitality and tourism by providing a user-friendly interface that houses all pertinent information in one place,” said Edmondson.

We think there is a need for current and reliable information as travel destinations deal with a fast changing environment and consumers look to research and understand what’s open and what’s not, which destinations are accessible and which ones aren’t. so we wish them luck.