Where Can You Travel Now?

Global travel is scary these days. First off there’s the fear of the virus, reduced services from hotels and airlines and of course the worry about ever-changing travel restrictions. To help ease concerns about travel requirements and to help people start to plan travel again, this handy tool is designed to answer the all important question, where can you travel now?

Skyscanner has launched a simple-to-use interactive global map to provide up-to-date information on where travelers can visit internationally, and related entry requirements. 

This is a really helpful tool to let you understand the current travel restrictions, based upon where you live

Mark Crossey, US Traveler Expert for Skyscanner said: “People want to travel once it is safe to do so but confidence has been hit by the lack of consistency between countries worldwide regarding measures and restrictions. We know there’s pent-up demand from the searches we are seeing for flights and a need for more information on travel.

“Consumers just don’t understand the complex rules and are crying out for transparent, detailed information. Our new, simple-to-use and up to date Skyscanner map helps travelers navigate the fast-changing international travel landscape.”

Skyscanner’s new global map is available via the homepage of the company’s website. It is live, constantly updated and full of rich information about current measures, quarantine requirements and travel corridors between the various countries.