Who Works The Hardest

There’s an old adage about the benefits of working smarter not harder and there’s lots of truth in that. However there’s also lots to be said about putting in the hours and working diligently. So we thought it would be interesting to track the cities where citizens put in the most hours to see who works the hardest.

According to a report by UBS people work the most hours in Asian cities. In fact, Mumbai tops the list with workers logging on average 3,315 hours a year. Hanoi is next with 2,691 hours. Surprisingly Tokyo, famous for its long work hours comes in much lower with just 1,997 hours, slightly behind London.

So who works the hardest? That’s impossible to say but we do know people from Mumbai work the longest hours of any city on earth. On average there are about 260 working days in a year (Monday to Friday) before national holidays and vacation. This means Mumbaikars work about on average nearly 13 hours a day, assuming they work Monday to Friday. That’s a lot.