Why Aren’t Asians Happier

There are many rankings about the happiness of citizens of countries. Usually European countries along with Australia and Canada lead the list. Usually Asian nations are far down. Why is that? Why aren’t Asians happier?

Over the last several decades Asia has gone through some amazing changes and people move from countryside to cities in search of better economics. This has changed the fabric of culture, touched traditions and forever altered many Asians sense of who they are. But at the same time a steadily rising economy has also improved the lives of literally billions of people in Asia. It has also pushed many into feeling stressed and overworked.  It’s a double-edged sword.

The list of the happiest places on earth is depressing for Asians.

The highest ranking or happiest place in all of Asia according to the 2018 World Happiness Report is Taiwan all the way down at 26. Singapore and Malaysia follow at 34 and 35th place respectively, while Thailand at 46th is the only other Asian destination to crack the top 50.

Another recent survey of Asian employees found that a majority felt overworked and out of sync with their family friends. A stronger economy sometimes masks underlying stresses such as burnout and fatigue.

Part of the issues could also be cultural. Asians tend to be more circumspect than their western counterpart and often saying personal details isn’t part of societal norms. Still we think the massive changes and a pervasive feeling of being overworked and not having a work/life in balance are some of the reasons answers why Asians aren’t happier.