Why China Will Be Streaming To The World

Chinese entertainment and tech companies want to grow into global operations. They see the tremendous value created by Netflix and Facebook and want to take their share of the pie. But their is different from many western companies, they want to grow with technology not through marketing. It’s a bold move which explains why China will be streaming to the world.

Dr. Gong Yu, Founder and CEO of iQIYI, Inc. recently spoke at an industry event where he shared his view on harnessing technological innovation to help Chinese culture and entertainment reach a wider audience. We have a recap for you.

Technology speeds growth
Dr. Gong highlighted that technology innovation has enabled iQIYI to gain a viewer base that would normally take traditional cinemas and television stations 30 or even 40 years to attain. He added that it has also created many opportunities to help Chinese culture and entertainment go global, mainly by solving common obstacles in languages, channels, ideas and values that come to play when introducing Chinese entertainment to international markets. For example, AI translation technologies have played an instrumental part in overcoming the language barriers, while the Internet has made iQIYI’s content directly accessible to users around the world.

“As the intelligence of machines develops, the advancement in technology will, to a large extent, bridge the barriers between the understanding and exchange of people with different thoughts and values in different countries and regions,” said Dr. Gong. “As an entertainment company driven by technological innovation, iQIYI has always been committed to innovation and incorporates AI technology to all aspects of the company’s operations, including content creation, production, tagging, distribution, broadcasting, monetization and customer service.”

Under its AI-focused strategy, iQIYI has continuously produced high-quality content that has received great acclaim not only in the Chinese market, but global markets as well, successfully introducing Chinese entertainment to international audiences.

For example, popular dramas Story of Yanxi Palace and The Legend of White Snake have gained global attention; the variety show The Rap of China has attracted global contestants to participate; The Golden Eyes and Hot-Blood Dance Crew have been distributed in overseas markets. iQIYI has always been striving to build an online entertainment company with global influence.

When you put all of these pieces together it is easy to see why China will be streaming to the world in the next couple of years.