Seoul Fashion Week Shines

The 2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, is back and cool than ever. It will run until to October 15 (Friday).

Through 37 digital fashion films, Seoul Fashion Week will draw attention by not only capturing the past, present, and future of Seoul’s cultural heritage, but also introducing designs that contain the value of environment and coexistence, such as upcycles and vegan fashion.

The digital runway films of 2022 S/S Seoul Fashion Week, 100% pre-produced, will be transmitted online through the Seoul Fashion Week website, official YouTube channels (, Naver TV, VLIVE, and TikTok, providing unique enjoyment to domestic and overseas audiences.

Backstage and behind-the-scenes videos, another interesting aspect of visiting Seoul Fashion Week, will also be released through TvnD and TikTok channels.

TikTok is conducting a challenge (fashion rookie) to take a video using the ‘fashion cutout MV’ effect or ‘dress code’ sticker from Oct 2 to celebrate ‘Seoul Fashion Week’. In addition, there is a ‘fashionista’ event that can be selected as a fashion hip talker if you upload 5 or more fashion videos during ‘Seoul Fashion Week’.

The synergy created by various spaces that show the past, present, and future of Seoul and K-fashion is an attention point attracting worldwide. With an active cooperation of the Cultural Heritage Administration, for the first time, the five major palaces in Seoul will be the stage for Fashion Week. Fashion designs that contain the values of ‘nature’, ‘environment’ and ‘coexistence’, which are global topics such as upcycled and vegan fashion, will also be introduced.

On October 7, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul’s main royal palace, began the show with NOHANT’s fashion film, and on October 15, it will end with a fashion film by Vegan Tiger, Korea’s first vegan fashion brand.

In addition, Deoksugung Palace, which is set in harmony with tradition and modern times, Changdeokgung Palace, which stands out for the beauty of autumn, Unhyeongung Palace, as well as the digital runway filmed in old Daesun Flour Mill factory and Studios, creatively and uniquely directed urban sensibility and style.

During the Seoul Fashion Week, performances by artists based on World Heritage sites will also be pre-produced and transmitted. Starting with the opening performance of hip-hop artist DPR LIVE with the backdrop of the beautiful night sky of Gyeonghuigung Palace (October 7) & popular singer-songwriter Heize’s semi-opening performance (October 11), Lee Hee-moon and OBSG band will perform as the closing performance (October 15) on the stage of Deoksugung Stone Exhibition in harmony.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said, “The collection of representative designers will be presented to the world at the same time, set on the stage of 600 years of cultural heritage that embraces Seoul’s history, current dynamism and future potential.” We will promote the charm of Seoul and turn the competitiveness of the fashion industry into an opportunity to sell.”