Vikrom Kromadit, Chairman of Amata Foundation, has mounted long caravan journeys on three occasions. The first caravan in 2011 consisted of 15 crew, 3 buses and 2 pick-up trucks and traveled in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and the southern part of China for 77 days.

The caravan destination in 2012 was Mongolia. This caravan traveled from Bangkok to Mongolia, traveling 6 months and 13 days across Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Laos and Myanmar. On this trip he was officially supported by the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tourism Authority of Thailand, The Board of Investment of Thailand and the Department of Export Promotion.

His third caravan was the most extensive crisscrossing the continent from Southeast Asia to Siberia. It was the subject of a Thai TV series “Mong Lok Baeb Vikrom (Vikrom’s Vision)” and “Driven” a feature-length English-language documentary.


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