The Long View

Asians plan in terms of dynasties not days. In the West, businesses worry about the next quarter and politicians struggle to organize their agenda in terms of election cycles, while Asians tend to plan for the long view. This change in mindset allows for responsible leadership and a more patient outlook with an emphasis on continuity and consistent growth.

The net result is that governments launch and execute epic multi-year, multi-decade public works projects, businesses plan for succession and growth in terms of decades and families commitment to multi-generational wealth distribution. The long view means harmony and continuity is prized over instant gratification and education is considered an absolute necessary investment. Will Asia maintain this perspective as they work more with the West or will Western values of instant gratification and short term goals take over this mindset and change the trajectory of Asia? And what can Americans and Europeans learn from this patient and prescient Asian tradition?  We have the answer but you’ll have to wait for the results.

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