8 Things You Need to Know about Kazakhstan

 During the filming of Asia Rising our Host Vikrom Kromadit became a big fan of Kazakhstan. He saw the potential of the land and her people. So Asia Rising is proud to be a media partner of #NEWENERGY and as such thought it would be helpful to present a country primer on Kazakhstan the host country.
1 It ranked 42 out of 144 countries in the 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report issued by the World Economic Forum and 41 out of 189 in Doing Business Report.
2 Kazakhstan is the home for 140 nationalities and people of 17 religions.
3 As of 2010 Kazakhstan government started a complex “Business Road Map 2020” program to extensively support new business initiatives and strengthen country’s entrepreneurial potential.
4 The country takes huge steps towards transition to “green” economy. It supports national programs and policies on rational use of water resources and development of alternative energy sources on a state level.
5 Astana, Kazakhstan capital, as well as Almaty, it’s largest city, are currently implementing a number of smart city projects aimed to join World’s Top 50 smart cities list.
6 Kazakhstan government invests in boosting innovation potential of the region. Among others, its focuses on developing expertise in smart technologies, artificial intelligence, integration of cyber-physical systems and future energy generation. Our Top 30 startups will also have a chance to benefit from this investment.
7 In 2012 Astana won the right to host EXPO-2017, beating its main competitor – Belgian Liege by 59 votes. So, next year over 3 million visitors will come to Kazakhstan capital to see 174 hectares expo complex with their own eyes.
8 Kazakhstan’s constant efforts in attracting international investments (over USD 160 billions) coupled with country’s balanced foreign policy (only in 2015 the President of the RK signed over USD 30 billions contracts with foreign partners (China, France and Great Britain among them) makes it a paradise for international investors and venture funds.