Asian World Heritage Sites

This past summer the 42nd Session of the World Heritage Committee met in Manama, Bahrain where representatives of 139 states and over 2,000 experts in the field of cultural and natural heritage considered the possibility of including 28 additional sites on the World Heritage List and examined the status of conservation of 157 sites that are already on the list.

Four of the new sites inscribed are in East Asia, three are cultural and one natural. This covers Japan, South Korea, India and China.

During the session, the Committee inscribed 19 sites on the World Heritage List (13 cultural sites, three natural and two mixed sites, i.e. both natural and cultural). It also approved the extension of one natural site. The World Heritage List now numbers 1092 sites in 167 countries.

Newly inscribed cultural sites :

Natural sites:

Mixed sites:

Beopjusa Temple, Hall of Eight Pictures