Certifications For Culinary Tour Guides

The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) which operates in more than 150 countries has expanded its certification programs for tour operators and tourist guides who want to become certified culinary travel professionals. The idea behind the new certifications for culinary tour guides is to help the industry prepare for a post-COVID era.  According to WFTA, this will give culinary tour operators and tourist guides a competitive advantage by reassuring food-loving travelers that they have made the best choice for their upcoming vacation plans.

When travelers are ready to book trips again, they will be more discerning than ever. Getting ready for the next wave of food-loving travelers is not about wearing masks or offering alcohol gel. It is about delivering the highest level of professionalism to demanding and even anxious travelers. Food lovers will be motivated to book with Culinary-Certified Tourist Guides and Tour Operators because of the highest standards of excellence that they follow. For example, a Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide knows detailed information about the area’s culinary culture and heritage. They may also know many of the area chefs, baristas, brewmasters or winemakers, with plenty of stories and samples that help to make their culinary tours positively memorable.

“There is wide inconsistency in how culinary tours are delivered around the world,” said WFTA Executive Director Erik Wolf. “While many companies offer professionally trained guides, maintain valid insurance, and have procedures in place for when things go wrong, there are still many other tour companies and tourist guides who have none of this preparation or training. Our certification programs aim to bring the highest standards of excellence to our industry.”

Available are certifications for culinary tourist guides, as well as culinary tour operators. Additionally, the WFTA works through partners such as the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, to ensure that their member guides follow the Association’s standards of culinary excellence.

Culinary tourist guides and tour operators that have been certified can be found on the Association’s new WorldFoodTravelMarket.com platform.

Tourist guides and tour operators can explore the new training and certification options here:


The hope is these new certifications for culinary tour guides will help increase the safety, fun and professionalism of the entire industry.