Everything You Need to Know about ASEAN

1. Indonesia is the biggest economy in Asean

The Philippines, whose gross domestic product (GDP) numbers $292 billion, is tied with Singapore at fourth place when it comes to size of economy.

Among Asean member states, Indonesia has the biggest economy with $819 billion, followed by Thailand with $395 billion and Malaysia with $296 billion.

ASEAN 2017 Member states Biggest Economies GDP

2. Laos has the fastest economic growth

With a growth rate of 7.4 percent in 2015, Laos grew the fastest in terms of economy among Asean member states.

The Philippines economy, in contrast, grew 5.9 percent, which puts it behind Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

ASEAN 2017 Member states economic growth rate

3. Indonesia has the highest population

Indonesia is the most populous country in Asean with over 257 million people, followed by Philippines with 100 million people.

Vietnam places third, with a population of 91 million. At last place is Brunei with the smallest population numbering only 423,188.

ASEAN 2017 Member states population

4. Vietnam has the fastest growing population

Vietnam may soon overtake the Philippines in terms of population, as it has the highest population growth rate among Asean member states with 2.1 percent.

And while Brunei may have the smallest population, it has the third fastest population growth rate at 1.6 percent just behind Singapore with 1.8 percent.

ASEAN 2017 Member states population growth rate

5. Philippines has the highest unemployment rate

The unemployment rate in the Philippines is the highest among Asean countries at 6.3 percent. Indonesia is a close second with 6.2 percent.

Thailand and Cambodia have the lowest unemployment rates among member states with just 0.2 percent each.

ASEAN 2017 Member states Unemployment rate labor

6. Singapore has the highest percentage of internet users

More than 82 percent (around 4.4 million) of the entire population of Singapore are internet users, the highest in the Asean region.

In the Philippines, 40.7 percent of the population (around 40 million) are internet users, putting the country in fifth place in terms of percentage of internet users.

ASEAN 2017 Member states internet users connectivity

7. Thailand had the most number of tourist arrivals

Nearly 30 million tourists visited Thailand in 2015, making it the most popular among Asean countries.

Malaysia places second with more than 25 million tourist arrivals. The Philippines is in sixth place with 5.3 million tourists that same year, just ahead of Cambodia with 5 million tourist arrivals.

ASEAN 2017 Member states Tourist arrivals

8. Here are the countries by population

ASEAN 2017 Member states population rank