Korea as You’ve Never Seen It

It’s easy for Asians to take their continent for granted. After all it is large, diverse, dynamic and that means they’re use to bold sights and lots of changes. And of course the rise of cheap, affordable air travel seems to bring every city, every culture that much closer. But there are still gems and much to discover. Asia can always impress like this video from South Korea.

There’s so much to see and feel across Asia
It’s easy to be overwhelmed or even become jaded about all there is to see and do in Asia, and that’s a shame. That’s why we wanted to bring you this time lapse journey through South Korea as it will help to remind us how spectacular the past, present and future of Asia really is.

Filmed in In-Cheon (Song-do New city), seoul-Gyeongbokgung(Royalpalace),Gyeongju-Bulguksa,Suwonsung(Suwon-Castle) Filmmaker Kyoung Sop Choi takes you on an exhaustive and exhausting journey through South Korea.