Learn Mandarin Through Travel

It’s very helpful to speak more than one language. For many people in Asia and the rest of the world, Mandarin seems like a valuable but difficult language to pick up. So universities in Taiwan have put together an innovative idea to help people learn Mandarin through travel.

The Mandarin Chinese-language centers of Taiwan’s universities are working together with the tourism industry to offer tours which combine local cultural adventures with language learning, so that visitors can enjoy a trip to Taiwan that’s more than just sightseeing.

Here are some examples:

Northern Taiwan

  • Tamkang University now offers a culinary tour where participants shop for ingredients in a traditional market and participate in a cooking session, all guided by a professional language instructor. From exploring the real local living environment to enjoying popular snacks at night markets, visitors will sample the genuine tastes of New Taipei City’s famed Danshui District.
  • Chung Yuan Christian University offers four quite different tours. One is for people who love visiting historical sites; one explores the aesthetics of modern and historical buildings; one introduces the culture of indigenous groups; and another features classic cultural activities, such as dragon-boat rowing. 

Southern and Central Taiwan

  • Feng Chia University combines language learning with themed cultural tours to local attractions such as the Feng Chia Night Market. Instructors begin by teaching basic phrases related to destinations on the itinerary, which visitors can then put to practical use in real-life settings throughout their tour of Taichung City.
  • Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages pairs language learning with Taiwanese cuisine. Tranquil trips to Fo Guang Shan encompass Buddhist heritage, architectural landmarks, and vegetarian food, while Hakka-themed tours feature culinary workshops, Hakka cultural sites, and natural wetlands. And of course, there is a focus on Taiwan’s seafood.

The idea to learn mandarin through travel is a smart and fun way to pick up some language skills while taking a deeper dive into local culture.

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