Let’s Shop: A Global Adventure in Taste, Style, and Exploration

What do you get when you combine travel, shopping, culture, and lifestyle in one show? You get Let’s Shop, the award-winning TV series that has been taking viewers on a whirlwind tour of the world’s most exclusive, exciting, and famous shopping destinations for 20 years. Hosted by Cheryll Gillespie, a renowned interior designer, stylist, and lifestyle expert, Let’s Shop is more than just a shopping guide. It is an educational, inspirational, and highly entertaining show that showcases the best of each destination, from food and fashion, to art and architecture.

Let’s Shop is now available to stream for free on the Access Luxury channel on Roku, giving you the perfect opportunity to binge-watch all the episodes of this amazing show, or to catch up on the ones you missed.

One of the things that makes Let’s Shop stand out from other travel shows is its focus on Asia, a region that is fast becoming the hub of global economic activity, innovation, and manufacturing. Asia is also home to some of the most diverse and vibrant cultures, cuisines, and styles in the world. Let’s Shop showcases the best of Asia, from the modern metropolises of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Seoul, to the ancient wonders of Beijing, Bangkok, and Istanbul.

“Asia has always been my favorite continent to film and shop in. There is so much variety, creativity, and beauty in every corner. I love learning about the different cultures, traditions, and histories of each place, and of course, finding the most amazing products and experiences that you can’t find anywhere else,” said Gillespie.

Let’s Shop is not just about shopping, but also about learning and appreciating the local culture, history, and art of each destination. Gillespie provides her expert insights and tips on fashion, beauty, and home decor, making the show a complete guide for travelers who love shopping and lifestyle. She also interviews local designers, shopkeepers, and experts, giving you an insider’s perspective on the latest fashion trends, must-have products, and unique shopping experiences.

“Shopping is a passion and an art form for me. It’s not just about buying things, but about discovering new things, expressing yourself, and having fun. Shopping is also a great way to connect with people, to understand their stories, and to support their businesses. I always try to find something that reflects the essence of each destination, something that I can cherish and remember for a long time,” said Gillespie.

Let’s Shop covers some of the world’s most popular shopping destinations, from Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, and Milan, to lesser-known gems like Kelowna, Marrakech, and Cape Town. Each episode takes you on a shopping adventure to a different city or region, highlighting the best shopping districts, boutiques, and markets. You will also get to see Gillespie trying out the local delicacies, visiting popular cafes and restaurants, and exploring the city’s nightlife.

“Traveling is the best way to enrich your life. You get to see new places, meet new people, and learn new things. You also get to challenge yourself, to step out of your comfort zone, and to grow as a person. Traveling is a gift that I am very grateful for, and I want to share that gift with my viewers. I want to inspire them to travel, to shop, and to live their best lives,” said Gillespie.

Let’s Shop is an informative and entertaining show that offers a unique perspective on travel and lifestyle. Its focus on shopping and fashion makes it a favorite among fashion enthusiasts, while its broader coverage of culture and lifestyle ensures that it appeals to a wider audience. Gillespie’s expertise and charming personality make her an excellent host who can engage viewers and keep them hooked.

Whether you are planning your next trip, looking for inspiration, or simply want to escape to a different world, Let’s Shop is the perfect show for you. Don’t miss this chance to watch it for free on the Access Luxury channel on Roku, and join Gillespie on her amazing journey around the world. Let’s Shop is a global adventure in taste, style, and exploration.