Over Half a Billion People Online in China

The latest figures from the China Internet Network Information Center shows that China’s internet population has grown to 591 million, driven by a 20 percent rise over the past year in the number of people who surf the Web from smartphones and other wireless devices, an industry group reported Wednesday.

This impressive online figure represent a 10 percent rise in total Internet use over a year earlier. The number of wireless users rose to 464 million. Internet companies are racing to catch up to the rapid growth in mobile Internet access. The popularity of smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices has created a need for Chinese services for mobile platforms.

Recently China’s most popular search engine, Baidu Inc., announced a $1.9 billion acquisition of a large distributor of smartphone apps, 91 Wireless Websoft. The Asia Rising Editorial Team sees this growth in both users and acquisitions continuing for sometime.

These latest Internet statistics increased the percentage of China’s online population to 44 percent, according to CNNIC. This is another example of how Asia is Rising in both physical and virtual domains.