Phuket Dining Gets A Big Wake Up Call

Montara Hospitality Group, the visionary owner of the prestigious Trisara resort, is spearheading a transformative sustainable dining movement in Phuket.

The group’s collection of acclaimed culinary concepts, including the highly regarded PRU and JAMPA, exhibits a philosophy of culinary excellence and environmental sustainability. Montara Hospitality Group’s food and beverage venues are all passionate about providing sustainably grown local artisanal produce, which the company refers to as “human-centric hospitality.”

Montara Hospitality Group has also earned a reputation for prioritizing sustainability at its food and beverage venues, with a substantial proportion of produce sourced from its 16,000 sqm Pru Jampa organic farm, located within the Tri Vananda boundaries.

“Culinary excellence becomes truly enriching when it harmonizes with the planet,” says Jimmy Ophorst, the Executive Chef at PRU. “At PRU we aim to bring our guests closer to the best ingredients Thailand has to offer.”

Montara Hospitality Group has long been known for its creative, conscientious approach to culinary. PRU, the signature restaurant, remains the only MICHELIN Red Star restaurant in Phuket, a status it has retained for six consecutive years. Recently relocated within Trisara, PRU, provides a one-of-a-kind community-to-fork experience, encouraging open interactions between chefs and guests and exemplifying transparency in the world of fine dining.

Another Montara Hospitality asset, the Tri Vananda wellness community, is home to JAMPA whose creed of “locally grown ingredients, live fire, and zero waste cuisine” has earned it a MICHELIN Green Star. JAMPA —overseen by chef Rick Dingen— is a beacon for zero-waste, farm-to-table, live-fire cooking. It innovates by using only live fire to transform local ingredients, almost entirely sourced from the Pru Jampa organic farm.

“Sustainable fine dining is a celebration of flavor that extends beyond the palate,” says Dingen. “It embraces the responsibility to nourish not only discerning tastes but also the delicate balance of our environment.”

These venues are being complemented by respective new, exciting concepts, such as the Mediterranean-inspired beachside venue CIELO — translating to “paradise” in Spanish. It shines through its commitment to contemporary Mediterranean cuisine, prepared by executive chef, Worawit “Notty” Rattanachoochoke with locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and producers to showcase the best of Asia’s bounty.

A refined Thai homestyle dining experience, Seafood at Trisara (SaT), where the finest locally sourced ingredients are utilized for Southern Thai recipes that have been passed down through generations. Seafood At Trisara showcases the phenomenal seasonal ingredients Phuket and Thailand has to offer, both on land and sea.

Another new concept, DALA — which is named after the torch ginger flower indigenous to Phuket — showcases Thai flavors offering cocktails and coffee crafted from local terpenes and pan-Asian bites, alongside breathtaking sunset views. At DALA guests can observe the artistry of the bartenders and baristas as they craft exquisite drinks using local ingredients.

Montara Hospitality is confident the group’s spread of concepts can put Phuket firmly on the radar of conscientious gourmands worldwide. Indeed, all its food and beverage venues follow the group’s “Dine Good Do Good” philosophy which embraces the sourcing of local ingredients, using artisanal suppliers and being more ethically responsible.

“For those seeking a blend of gastronomic and ethical enlightenment, Trisara is not merely a destination but an immersive journey into the future of sustainable dining,” concludes chef Notty.