The State of Luxury Across Asia

The December issue of Tatler magazines across Asia  launched the inaugural edition of the Asia Tatler Readers’ Choice Awards. The awards offer an exclusive insight into the favourite luxury lifestyle preferences of the magazines’ elite readership, as well as an unbiased overview of their spending behaviour, from investment choices and the luxury brands they support, to their favourite travel destinations and relaxing retreats.

The survey spans a total of nine Asian countries and regions ( Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand), and engages figureheads, business leaders, and trendsetters who have travelled the world and encountered the very best in luxury.

For those in the luxury industry across the region or around the globe this is good market intel.

The 2014 overall winners of the Asia Tatler Readers’ Choice Awards are:

Favourite City

1/ Paris

2/ New York

3/ London

Favourite Fashion Retailer

1/ Chanel

2/ Dior

3/ Chloe

Favourite Spa

1/ The Farm at San Benito (Philippines)

2/ Banyan Tree Bangkok (Thailand)

3/ Mandarin Oriental Bangkok (Thailand)

Favourite Airline

1/ Singapore Airlines

2/ Cathay Pacific

3/ Emirates

Favourite Fashion Designer

1/ Giorgio Armani

2/ Karl Lagerfeld

3/ Alexander McQueen

Favourite Museum

1/ The Louvre (Paris)

2/ The British Museum (London)

3/ MoMA (New York)

Favourite Hotel Brand

1/ Shangri-La

2/ Four Seasons

3/ Hyatt

Favourite Champagne

1/ Mo et & Chandon

2/ Dom Perignon

3/ Louis Roederer

Favourite Charity

1/ Unicef

2/ M edecins Sans Fronti eres

3/ WWF

Favourite Restaurant

1/ Nahm (Bangkok)

2/ Caprice (Hong Kong)

3/ Lung King Heen (Hong Kong)

Favourite Wine

1/ Ch ateau Lafite-Rothschild

2/ Penfolds Grange

3/ Ch ateau Petrus

Favourite University

1/ Harvard

2/ Oxford

3/ Cambridge

The results combine to form a unique barometer of the preferences and passions of Asia’s most tasteful demographic, and a snapshot of how the region’s most cultivated spend their time and money. The survey will continue to be held on an annual basis