Take Your Seat, together

A new photo exhibit at the ICONLUXE Pop Up Space at ICONSIAM which runs until April 30th, 2022 aims to bring together Canada and Thailand.

Organized by the Embassy of Canada to Thailand, this one-of-a-kind event is the culmination of, “9,000 photographs, countless hikes, flights, boats, and more than a few tuk-tuks.” Take Your Seat, together explores the incredible beauty of Canada and Thailand and then connects them in sometimes unexpected ways. According to the Photographer and show’s Creator Randy VanDerStarren, “Despite the exotic and the surprising, it turns out we’re not so different after all.”

The Take Your Seat Team is a father and son duo who are traveling the world to document the ongoing journey of a director’s chair to show how it “connects us all to each other, our planet, and our best selves.”

Spencer VanDerStarren, who earned his degree in Sustainable International Business from Whittier College in Los Angeles, explains that, “Take Your Seat, together is really about celebrating what we have in common and building upon what should be just the beginning 60 years of diplomatic friendship.”

A red and white director’s chair serves as a symbol of both our joy and responsibility to take care of our planet, ourselves, and each other.


One chair journeyed throughout Canada and Thailand.

One chair now unites us all.

The ambitious exhibit shows the team’s keen eye in finding scenes and moments which unite Canada and Thailand.

According to Randy VanDerStarren, “In every photograph, our director’s chair is a universal reminder that each of us can direct our actions to change our world for the better.”

The Take Your Seat team has an ambitious filming and exhibition schedule. For more information visit their website.