Thai Food Brought to Life

Thai-licious Journey is back for a second season. Chef Andy Ricker and Thai Travel Guru Daniel Fraser host this food travel series which focuses on the unique culture and culinary travel opportunities within Thailand. 

The Tourism Authority of Thailand partnered with Tastemade to create a series that will dive into the extraordinary array of regional Thai cuisine.  Thai-licious Journey,is a lot of fun.

In this season two-time James Beard award-winning Chef Andy Ricker has returned as the Thailand Culinary Ambassador and is joined again by Dan Fraser, a Thai speaking Canadian who is a lot of fun.

Thailand is keen to promote it’s hidden gems
“Thai cuisine is uniquely specific to each town within the country and serves as an ideal way to explore the innate culture of the destination and the Thai way of life,” said Charinya Kiatlapnachai, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s New York office. 

“Season two of Thai-licious Journey looks beyond Bangkok as Chef Andy Ricker uses his seasoned palate to uncover the beauty of the country’s lesser-known provinces.”

In this season, Chef Andy and  Daniel Fraser lead a culinary adventure through the following regions:

Chanthaburi: Located just 4 hours from Bangkok, this eastern province is blessed with peaceful beahes not far from town and quiet fishing villages. Famous for gem mining and its abundance of tropical fruits, especially durian, king of fruits, and mangostreen, queen of fruits. The journey features the old “Chanthaboon” waterfront community, “Je Eed” seafood noodles, “Chantorn Pochana” restaurant, and Uncle Tom’s Floating Raft Restaurant.

Chumphon: Chumphon is the gateway to Southern Thailand as well as islands in the Gulf of Thailand, particularly “Koh Tao”. Famous for its beautiful underwater world, fresh seafood, and various fruits such as lady-finger bananas, rambutans, mangosteens, durians, and coffee beans. Chumphon is an ideal destination for those who are seeking relaxation in a natural and quiet atmosphere. Thai-licious Journey visits the “Baan Bangson” village, “Yai Puad”restaurant, “Baan Pak Puak” restaurant, and “Khao Matsee” viewpoint.

Trat: Thailand’s eastern-most province, boarding Cambodia with the “Khao Banthat” mountain range forming a natural boundary between the 2 countries. Trat consists of 52 large and small islands featuring long, white, sandy beaches and unspoiled coral reefs. The province is the primary launching point for trips to the popular “Koh Chang”and “Koh Kut”, it also serves as a major fruit-growing, fishing, and gem mining region. The journey highlights Trat morning market “Talad Rai Rung”, the old “Klong Bang Phra” community, “Baan Huay Rang” village, and “Sri Trat”restaurant.

The series is available now. Chern Krub!