The Most Important Soft Skills For Business

In today’s Digital Age, the world of business has become a much more transparent and interconnected marketplace than ever before. As a result, employers are placing more emphasis on prospective employees who possess what are commonly referred to as “soft skills.” These are skills that are not directly related to a job function or task but rather something that is much more intrinsic to an individual’s personality and ability to succeed in their career. While most people have heard of these skills before, it is not always clear exactly what they entail and why they are so important for your career.

In talking with HR Directors, CEOs and Entrepreneurs it appears that there is a common set of soft skills which companies are always looking for. Here are the 10 most sought after.

Influence – How well can you motivate people?

Tenacity – Can you stick to a task and se it through regardless of the hurdles?

Flexibility – Are you able to adapt and change?

Positive Attitude – It’s easy to get down, but can you remain upbeat in the face of adversity?

Teamwork – Can you collaborate, delegate and share with others?

Leadership – Do you have what it takes lead? This is actually a rare skill.

Critical Thinking – Can you analyze a situation and solve problems?

Time Management – How well do you plan your day and do you stick to your diary?

Focus – There are a lot of distractions this days, can you filter out the noise?

Empathy – Do you have the ability to put yourself in someone ls’s shoes?

For a primer on how to gain the skills check out this Twitter thread: